Welcome to mmaltha.dk - OS v0.0.1 contact

mmaltha.dk LOADING complete.

So what the heck is this thing!?

Well this is my playground.

This page is my personal page with some fun and information about me.

At the bottom there is a mac style menu for navigation.

The navigation should give the feeling of a desktop OS, at least that is the thought behind it.

All the "windows" can be moved around and resized.


Game music is from https://soundcloud.com/floidbeats/serendipity

The game is made while following Unity - Live Training 20 Jan 2014 - LMG: 2D Infinite Runner

Feel free to contact me with comments or just about anything else.

mmaltha.dk - Browser v0.1contact
mmaltha.dk - Contact Form v0.7contact
mmaltha.dk - Runner Game v0.1contact
Bugs and other strange things contact

There are some strange things going on.

Bug list:

  • The browser IFrame overflow on lower resolutions
  • Unity 3D player starts when the window is not open in Google Chrome
  • Javascript is a strange beast.. closing the game window on the menu works fine. BUT not on the X, it's the same function!! - FIXED